The roller-coaster !!

The roller-coaster !!

Life on the roll…from light to darkness..and vice- verse !! my latest abstract. Wishing lots of sun-shine to everyone…


Beauty in the Woods !!

Beauty in the Woods !!

All these days i was longing to create something different than the regular stuff like portraits, designs, sketches etc but my busy schedule was a big hindrance.Now that i am a bit free and relaxed, i enjoyed painting this one in Acrylic.Hope it is liked. May your lives be as fragrant as these flowery woods.God bless !!

My dance sketch !!

This one is a self sketch, showing me as an Indian-classical-dance performer !! In my student life I’d performed umpteen times on stage.My elder sister found this particular dance-pose very graceful and requested me to get a sketch of it done for her.Here it is for everyone to see.What say ?Image

my sister !

My sister residing in Orlando, visited us here in Delhi last June and celebrated her B’day with us.I really surprised her by gifting this portrait to her.She thought i did a decent job on her face.LOL !!Ever since…lots of requests are pouring in to get their portrait done 🙂 So, these days i am delving deep into the facial contours and loving it too.I cann’t 2 months time, i’ve completed my 5th portrait today.Good going Karunita.but remember…your other works of art are on hold :-(.Anyways, so good.

Peace n happiness to all of you.God bless.


The colours of childhood !!

The colours of childhood !!

I have been making pencil sketches..portraits, landscapes, still-life, figures etc.Gosh, felt monotony creating the same old stuff.So, this time i am happy having spilled some bright colors over my canvas recreating my childhood memories of festival of colors. This creation represents the joy and Innocence of a Child. Hope you will find it pleasing.God bless !!