Nature-all-beauty !!!

Nature-all-beauty !!!

I think it’s my liking for the colors like Blue and white that prompts me to paint landscape so often.Here,i used acrylic, water color both to create one of my favorite subjects i.e trees, clouds and lots of sunshine.Hope it’s liked.Lots of sun-shine to all of you.God bless.


8 comments on “Nature-all-beauty !!!

    • Thanks Chieri, blue and white being my favourite colors, i use them liberally in my art work.And besides…i just luuuuve this amazing universe.Soon posting another similar kind of work.Cheers and peace to you.God bless.

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. I created this art piece in a very happy n relaxed state of mind.Actually, my elder sister Jyoti who is a nature-lover n loves to capture the natural beauty in her camera, was a huge inspiration behind this work.So, i dedicate this one to her šŸ™‚ Thanks for liking it.

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