Divine !

Divine !

Ever since my visit to a down south Indian Museum,i’d been longing to create this art-piece.I faced some difficulty in bringing out the Bronze look with my acrylic colour-shades.Erlier,shared it with my close family and friends on Facebook and got rave reviews.They thought it was a statue -click,a wooden piece or a foiled mask as such ! My son’s best friend Pranjal wrote..’ This shows your love for symetry..and that how organized you are in depths of mind,matter and soul.Experiencing anatheism…..”.
I know i’ve made many mistakes in this creation.Hope to improve with consistent practice.Peace to all !!!! God bless !!


6 comments on “Divine !

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my work.Yes, bringing out the bronze look was a bit tuff task but i managed it some how ! Then, all is well that ends well.right ? thanks again.

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